Visiting the island of S. Antao

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Visiting the island of S. Antao

Santo Antao is one of the most fantastic islands of the archipelago. Although this statement may be unfair to the rest of them, for it is a fact that all islands have their special charm, this one is, among the more mountainous, the one which most thrills the visitor.

With majestic mountains and deep steep valleys, the topography of the island is breathtaking. One of the ways to reach the island is by boat. The boat comes from Mindelo, in Sao Vicente, and moors on Porto Novo (New Port), place of an arid landscape and of another annual music festival in Praia do Escorralete.

When traveling towards the north, the visitor is transported to an almost unreal world, where the human will and strength dominated the wild nature of the place. The roads carved along the slopes are genuine monuments to the effort and work of those who built them. These authentic roller coasters will surely amaze all visitors. As if by magic, we are where the climate makes the visitors feel at home. These are the highest parts of the island covered with pines and eucalyptus that are planted every year and surrounded by a cool and dense mist. This kind of landscape offers unparalleled characteristics for various mountains sports, such as trekking.

Santo Antao is also considered the island of “grogue”, a typical firewater still produced by ancient and traditional methods of sugarcane grinding, such as the “trapiche”, a rudimentary mechanism powered by animals or men. The production of “grogue” is linked to the large plantations of sugarcane on this island, where the friendliness and hospitality of its people match the beauty of its landscapes.

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