Reseller Program

The inter-island travel industry of Cape Verde is a busy and lucrative market for travel agents with a diversified travel packages and a reputable customer service. It is about getting residents and tourists from one island to the other in a safe, courteous and reliable way.

As a travel agent or tour operator, Cabo Verde Fast Ferry offers you a unique opportunity to expand your business by partnering with our company as your premier choice for inter-island connectivity for passengers and cargo. By becoming an authorized Reseller, you will be able to combine your services with ours to offer your customers a complete all-in-one, solution while keeping our rate contracting and/or allotments updated in real-time.

Each travel agent will be assigned a username and password to access your contracted rates/discounts directly and process orders at real-time. Our Portal is designed to offer your business a wide selection of products and services at pre-arranged commission rate on a single checkout. This means that you can have Instant Confirmation and Immediately "Close the Deal".

If you wish to become an authorized Travel Agent of Cabo Verde Fast Ferry please review our terms of service and click here to access an Application Form.

I agree to the terms.