Passenger Services

Passenger Services

Cabo Verde Fast Ferry maritime connectivity project is one of the pillars of transformation of the Republic of Cape Verde and committed to providing safe, reliable and positive memories of inter-island transportation through quality and service.

In order to achieve our objectives, we simply ask that our customers adhere to the following policies:

A. Identification
All Passengers are required to present a valid government-issued photo identification (i.e. drivers’ license, State ID card, Passport) that matches the name of the person on the Ticket prior to boarding the Vessel.

B. Customer Check-In & Terminal Ticket Purchase Times 
Customers with Tickets are required to check in at the boat no later than 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure. Customers checking in after this time may be denied boarding. 

Subject to space being available, Customers may purchase Tickets at the port office on the day of departure no later than 60 minutes prior to scheduled departure time. Tickets will not be sold at the boat at any time.

C. Travelers Needing Assistance
CV Fast Ferry Vessels are able to accommodate Passengers with limited mobility and Passengers using wheelchairs, including access to vehicle decks and accommodations on passenger decks. Passengers requesting special assistance for boarding must arrive at the terminal a minimum of 60 minutes before scheduled departure time so CVFF personnel can assist these Passengers.

D. Passengers on Vehicle Decks
Cabo Verde regulations require that Customers not be permitted on vehicle decks while Vessel is at sea. Visits to the vehicle deck during a Voyage may be made only with special permission of Vessel’s Master and Passengers must be escorted by CVFF’s crew member.

E. Onboard Electrical Power
Electrical current in the passenger saloon or VIP suite is 220-volt, 60-cycle AC. 

Power is unprotected from surges or brownouts. Use of electronic devices on board the CVFF’s Vessels will be at the Customer’s own risk and CVFF shall not be liable for any damages arising out of Customer’s use of his own electronic devices.

F. Stowaways / Piracy
Persons attempting to ride the Ferry without valid Tickets and Boarding Passes will be considered stowaways. It is a crime to stow away on a Ferry. Stowaways will be removed from the Ferry at the next port and will be turned over to law enforcement agents.

G. Service and Law Enforcement Animals
A service animal traveling with a person with a disability or a police dog or other similar animal traveling with law enforcement agents or search and rescue officials is permitted on the passenger deck. There is no additional charge for such animals traveling with a Passenger. A service animal is defined as any guide dog, signal dog, or other animal individually trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability. CVFF will accept the following as evidence that an animal is a service animal: identification cards, documentation, presence of a harness or markings on the harness, prescription from a licensed medical doctor, or other credible assurance of the Passenger using the animal for his or her disability.

H. Pets & Domestic Animals
ONLY domestic cats, dogs, chickens and various cattle (goats, cows, pigs,etc.), and any other animal approved and accepted by CVFF will be allowed to travel on the Ferry without a government certificate. Domestic animals (except service animals and animals traveling with law enforcement agents will NOT be allowed to travel on the Passenger Deck under any circumstances. 

All animals traveling should be clean and in good health and not unduly aggressive. Female dogs in oestrus (heat) and females with suckling young will not be accepted. 
CVFF requires that domestic animals travel in approved Customer-supplied travel kennels/cages that retain all domestic animal waste discharge and food and water spillage. Container must be in proper repair and clean and allow animal to stand up and lie down without being cramped and to turn around within it. Customer’s name must be clearly visible on travel kennel. Travel kennels must be carried by the customer to kennel location as per CVFF staff direction. 
Dogs are allowed to travel free inside Vehicles at owner’s discretion as long as windows allow adequate ventilation but prevent animal from escaping. All other animals that remain in Vehicles must be contained within appropriate enclosures to ensure they cannot escape or inflict injury to themselves. 
Customer access to domestic animals is not permitted during Voyage. 
Carrier reserves right to refuse carriage to domestic animal in its sole discretion. Customer understands and accepts that domestic animals may become motion sick and that CVFF is not responsible for animal’s health in any way. Customer traveling on the Ferry with a domestic animal hereby releases CVFF from any and all liability arising out of loss, illness, damage or death of the domestic animal and shall defend, indemnify and hold CVFF harmless for any liability or damage arising out of the transportation of the domestic animal.

I. Transporting Firearms And Other Weapons
Passengers, other than law enforcement agents actively engaged in investigation of potential criminal activities, shall not be permitted to travel with any firearms or weapons on his/her person or baggage. 

Appropriately identified law enforcement agents actively engaged in investigation of potential criminal activities shall be required to declare all legal firearms or weapons to CVFF and are required to secure them in accordance with instructions from CVFF’s Master. Violation of this rule shall be subject to prosecution for violation of applicable laws.

J. Smoking
Smoking is not permitted anywhere aboard CV Fast Ferry vessels.

K. Hazardous Materials
No Hazardous Materials of any kind are permitted in baggage or passenger areas.

L. Passenger Baggage

Carry on: 
All Passengers may carry on a maximum of one personal item no larger than 45cm x 33cm x 30cm (e.g. hand bag, brief case, day pack) at less than 8 kg into the passenger accommodation. In addition, an adult Passenger traveling with an infant may carry on one infant carrier. There are baggage compartments in the passenger accommodation so all carry-on personal items must be kept in them. CVFF shall not be responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged carry-on personal items. Passengers shall be responsible for the handling and safety of their carry on while on board the Vessel.

Checked baggage: 
Walk-on Passengers shall be permitted to check-in two pieces of baggage, each with no dimensions larger than 33cm x 55cm x 85cm and weight no greater than 25 Kgs onto the luggage cart. 
Walk-on Passengers are permitted excess or oversize baggage at an additional fee. Extra baggage fees are as follows: small/ light bags 100$00 CVE and large/ heavy bags 300$00 CVE. 
One folding baby stroller or car seat per infant is permitted as checked baggage and is not counted in the baggage allowance. Baby strollers and car seats are not permitted in passenger accommodation for safety reasons.

Oversize Item examples: 
• One surfboard bag (containing up to 2 boards) 
• One windsurfer bag (containing up to 2 boards + sails + masts) 
• Cooler (not to be damp or leaking, + securely closed) 
• Single kayak or canoe 
• Bicycle or tandem.

Passengers are responsible to ensure baggage provides adequate protection for contents in case other items are placed on top. 
Passengers shall be responsible for carrying all personal items and baggage items. Checked baggage shall not be accessible on board the Vessel. 
CVFF is not responsible or liable for fragile, perishable or valuable articles in baggage. CVFF’s liability for lost, damaged or stolen checked bags is limited to 1$00 CVE per Kgs. with a maximum total liability of 10 Euros. Customer waives any claim of right to liability if Customer fails to make a claim for the baggage at Destination Port. 
All baggage and personal items are subject to inspection. 
Each piece of baggage must have a current identification label with the Passenger’s name, current address, and telephone number affixed. 
No baggage or personal effects shall be damp, leaking or dripping fluids of any kind, and no gases, fumes or odors of any kind may be emitted. 
Firearms are not permitted in baggage or personal effects except for on-duty law enforcement agents. No Hazardous Materials are permitted in baggage. 
CVFF has the right to refuse any baggage or personal items for any reason. 
Unaccompanied baggage shall not be allowed on board CVFF’s Vessels. 
Unattended or unclaimed baggage is not permitted aboard CVFF’s Vessels, in CVFF’s terminal buildings or anywhere in CVFF’s terminal areas or Ports. CVFF may, but is not required to, attempt to inform a Customer of unclaimed baggage. 
Such baggage is subject to search, removal or disposal, or being turned over to law enforcement agencies for security reasons.

M. Limited Liability
CVFF shall not be liable in any capacity for any loss, damage, detention, delay, occurring during such time, arising from, caused by, or, in CVFF’s judgment, rendered necessary or advisable by reason of, any declared or undeclared war, act of God, perils, dangers and accidents of the sea or other navigable waters, force majeure, weather delay, act, neglect, or default of the Master, mariner, pilot or the servants of the carrier in the navigation or in the management of the ship, fire, latent defects not discoverable by due diligence, any other cause arising without the actual fault and privity of the carrier, hostilities, war-like operations, revolutions, sabotage, malicious acts, theft, embezzlement, pilferage, strikes, lockouts, work stoppages, slowdowns or labor disturbances or restraints of whatsoever nature, whether general or partial, and regardless of who are the promoters thereof, whether involving the officers or crew of the Vessel or others, or from any other risk or cause whatever, not included in the foregoing, and whether similar or dissimilar thereto, unless the party asserting the claim shall prove that such risk or cause was one within CVFF’s control and that the loss, damage, detention delay, non-delivery, miss-delivery, or conversion was due to Carrier’s negligence. 

Except as otherwise required by applicable laws and/or regulations, CVFF shall not be liable for the loss of, or damage to, of any baggage such as fragile or perishable articles, currency or coin, bank bills, deeds, jewelry, business documents, drafts or valuable papers, postage or revenue stamps or legal papers with such stamps affixed, precious metals or stones or articles manufactured there from or other articles of extraordinary value or any articles, which are transported by Customer whether with or without the knowledge of CVFF. 
In no event shall CVFF be liable for amounts greater than the loss actually sustained nor shall CVFF be liable for incidental or consequential damages arising from any cause whatsoever, even if CVFF has been advised of the possibility of same.

N. Right of Refusal
CVFF reserves the right to refuse carriage to any person at CVFF’s sole discretion. Any person who attempts to gain passage in a fraudulent manner will be denied boarding and will be turned over to law enforcement agents.

0. Children and Student Fares
Current resident children aged two years to twelve years old shall travel at children fares reflected in the tariff table of each route. Government issued identification is required as proof of eligibility when checking in. As proof of age, a parent or guardian traveling with a child on a child fare may be required to present a passport, birth certificate, government-issued picture identification card (BI) or other identification document acceptable to CVFF bearing child’s birth date. 

P. Infant Fare
New born infants up to two years of age that do not require its own seating may travel at a special rate as shown on fare tariff of each route at 250$ CVE. Children 2- 12 years old travel at 50% discount off the regular tariff. As proof of age, a parent or guardian traveling with an infant on an Infant Fare may be required to present a passport, birth certificate, government-issued picture identification card or other identification document acceptable to Carrier bearing infant’s birth date. A maximum of one infant is permitted to travel with each accompanying adult. Fares may not be combined with any promotional discount, nor will a change or cancellation fee be charged on an Infant Fare.

Q. Children / Minors
Minors 15 years of age or older may travel unaccompanied as long as he / she possesses a valid passport, birth certificate, government-issued picture identification card or other identification document acceptable to CVFF valid government issued picture ID. 

Children under 15 years of age must be accompanied by a Passenger of at least 18 years traveling in the same class of service.