Visiting the island of S. Vicente

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Visiting the island of S. Vicente

Visiting SVicente brings one to the city of Mindelo with its port tradition, the remarkably cheerful and open people, the community of musicians and artists, craftwork, intensive night life, the Carnival and Festival in Baia das Gatas, the wide ranges of sports to play, Laginha beach and the exciting Sao Pedro beach. All this brings us to the most cultural and Cosmopolitan Island of the area, it fascinates for the beauty of its city, Mindelo, and for the friendliness of its people, which results from the meeting of citizens from all

Nights in Mindelo are perhaps the greatest tourist attraction of this island. Day fades into Night while the impressive Monte de Cara at the entrance to the bay darkens and the plucking of a guitar, the cry of a violin and a melodious voice emerge to sweetly lull those who, called by the refrain, gradually draw nearer. The attraction of Mindelo nights increases, with the warm and graceful swaying of the beautiful creola girls, and lasts until dawn, while the contagious Cabo Verde morna and Brazilian rhythms lull those present, inebriated by the savoring of a good bafa of sea-food accompanied by a beer or whisky. Music, dance and gastronomy, a perfect mix in the nights of Mindelo, are always to be found in the various restaurants.

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