Our Legacy

Have you ever wanted to name something and have it carry through as a legacy?
Founder, Andy Andrade explains the history behind Cabo Verde Fast Ferry and its vessels:

The idea to launch an innovative inter-island transportation company for the islands of Cabo Verde was born in 2006. From that time on, ANDY ANDRADE and DAMEN SHIPYARDS teamed up to design and build customized ferries for reliable, safe and comfortable connections around the archipelago. At time of promotion, partnership solicitation and fund raising presentations, after hearing the description of the proposed vessel in June 2008 during a technical presentation on the island of Brava, a member of the audience yelled out loud: “wow, this is a KRIOLA”.

For the presenter, it was a great and timely compliment. In fact, one of the conditions posed to the engineering team in 2006 was attention to “appearance”. They were challenged with delivering a product that would “wow” anyone and make them fall in love at first sight. Naming boat number one “KRIOLA” seemed appropriate and in-line with the original request.

KRIOLA is first and foremost a tribute to all Cabo-verdean women for their love, caring, patience and nurturing of the most intelligent, adaptable, yet difficult man on earth – the Cabo-verdean man.

The customized hull and body lines of KRIOLA makes her, unique and the most beautiful boat in Cabo Verde much like Kriolas are viewed worldwide. The modern sleek lines of the superstructure accentuate the performance of a true fast passenger/car catamaran. In fact, she looks even better in motion than in still picture.

The superstructure’s detailing level is impressive in every view; she looks like a work of art and moves with grace. KRIOLA’s raised fore deck and forward facing wheelhouse are, in comparison, attractive eyes, thick lips and high cheek bones that can easily be described as “exotic”. Her measurements of 46-12-5 meters powered by twin diesel engines give her the full figure for capacity, speed and comfort.

She looks stunning, performs at high level, and once one rides on KRIOLA it will be difficult to travel on anything else operating in Cabo Verde. 

Stay tuned for Liberdadi description which was named through a worldwide community contest of “Name our Ferry” and won by Alcides Vicente.