Visiting the Island of Brava

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Visiting the Island of Brava

Smallness, beauty and color have never blended in such a harmonious manner as in this island. With a mere 64 km and an everlasting and characteristic fog, this is the island of beautiful women and birthplace of the author of the most beautiful Creole mornas – the poet Eugenio Tavares.

When visiting its main attraction, the village of Nova Sintra, considered the most beautiful city in the archipelago, its marvelous houses with flowered gardens will delight the visitor. The humidity and freshness that define the islands climate propitiate the development of diverse vegetation and, in consequences, the presence of small vegetable gardens in every house.

It is not by chance that Nova Sintra was the name chosen for this city, since it is similar to its Portuguese homonymous. The Eugenio Tavares central square is the perfect example of how the beauty of nature embellishes this region. As if it was never-ending party, the streets are always decorated with an infinite variety of flowers and trees.

Other interesting places to visit on the island are Furna, Fonte do Vinagre and Faja d’Agua, etc.

Eugenio Tavares – a poet from the island of flowers

Commonly known as one of the best Cabo-verdean poets, Eugenio de Paula Tavares was born on October 18, 1867 on the island of Brava, where he died on June 1, 1930.

His father, Francisco de Paula Tavares was a native of Santarem (Portugal) and his mother, Eugenia Rodrigues Nozoliny, of Spain ancestry was a native of Fogo. Eugenio Tavares died in his house in Nova Sintra, in his rocking chair, where he in by gone days sung: “Oh, my old house! If only I spent here the rest of my life”.

His funeral took place a few days after his death and therefore his body was found in a state of decomposition on the day’s ceremony. The then authorities caused serious delays on the days of funeral.

Everyone waited for them. Curiously, they were not present at this ceremony. Regarding this fact, some affirmed that they were not interested in taking part in Eugenio Tavares’ funeral, which was and continues to be the first Cabo-verdean poet all the time, because he was a member of the Republican Party and influenced public opinion spreading his political beliefs both during meetings and in the press. This was at the origin of his persecution. Others said that they were not present on that day because of the lack of maritime links at that time.

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