Executive Summary

Executive Summary

This is a unique opportunity to develop a robust maritime connectivity system for the islands of Cabo Verde. This exceptional opportunity comes from the necessity to integrate the islands in a secure and reliable inter-island transportation network.

Cabo Verde Fast Ferry, S.A., has positioned itself as an innovative and trend-setting company, dedicated to providing speed, comfort, and dependability to satisfy inter-island cargo, tourism and business transportation needs.

The mission of Cabo Verde Fast Ferry is to provide innovative, short- and long term inter-island transportation solutions designed to exceed customer expectations, increase shareholder value and to ensure continued success of the company and its family of employees.

Keys to Success
• High demand for dependable, fast and comfortable inter-island connectivity. Purpose-built and fuel efficient fast ferries able to transport cargo and passengers with low overhead expenses. Strong partnership with government of Cabo Verde. 
• Growing investment trends in tourism and business sectors.
• Marketing power – convergence between business and community passion to integrate the islands into a single economy. 
• Cabo-verdian company; fully owned and operated by successful Cabo Verdean entreprenuers. First to forge global community participation and strong partnership with the government.

Competitive Edge
Our competitive edge is our position as a strategic ally with our travelers. For us, every customer is a potential sales person that introduces a potent “viral marketing” into our business model.
Our second competitive edge is our fleet of new, fast, and comfortable ferries. Dependability is a prize commodity in Cabo Verde when it comes to inter-island travel and it can only be achieved through CV Fast Ferry.
Third would be the utilization of technologies and the tools of the 21st century to manage and consistently reduce overhead expenses.
Fourth, Cabo Verde Fast Ferry is the only transportation company in CV that trades on the Stock Exchange of Cabo Verde.

The Investment Offering:
Fast Ferry Bond: FIXED RATE. A successful IPO of an amount of 1,500,000 (one and a half million) bond certificates were offered in July of 2009 with a nominal value of 1,000 ECV (one thousand escudos, or approximately 9 Euros), each for a total sum of 1,500,000,000$00ECV (one and a half billion escudos). Yearly dividends are calculated and payable semi-annually in successive installments with maturity in 2019, 2024 and 2029. 

Anyone can request to purchase Fast Ferry bonds at the Stock Exchange of Cabo Verde (http://www.bvc.cv) – ticker symbol CFFA.