Wide variety of destinations

Wide variety of destinations


We can provide you 3 attractive travel zone destinations to best fit your holiday. Start your Sun & Beach trip from the island of Boavista – one of the most attractive beach islands. Head out to SVicente – the capital of night life, where you’ll be able to take a short 30 minutes ferry ride and tour SAntao the country’s most spectacular landscapes.


We are committed to offering travel services of the highest quality, combining our energy and enthusiasm, with our years of experience. Our greatest satisfaction comes in serving large numbers of satisfied clients who have experienced the joys and inspiration of maritime travel.

  • Brava
  • Fogo;
  • Santiago;
  • SNicolau;
  • Maio;

Enjoy all that Fogo has to offer. Opt to visit the famous Volcano of Cha das Caldeiras, the colonial houses and black sand of the city of SFilipe or a traditional local Wine and a fresh plate of local fish. Adventure on a hiding discovery by taking a 30 minutes ferry ride to visit the neighboring island of Brava, better known as the island of flowers and harmonic architecture of the city of Nova Sintra.


End your Cabo Verde trip by visiting the biggest island of Santiago. Visit the museums, cultural centers and rural areas. Wander the elegant streets of the city of Praia a little more, take in some of Cabo Verde most distinguished art galleries or just settle yourself on an outdoor café, order up a slice of mouthwatering CV appetizer and watch the world go by over coffee.