Cancellations and Policies

Cancellation and Delay Policies

IDENTIFICATION: All Passengers are required to present a valid government-issued photo identification (i.e., BI, passport, driver’s license) that matches the name of the person on the ticket prior to boarding the vessel.

CUSTOMER CHECK-IN: Customers with tickets are required to check in at the CVFF port office no later than 30 minutes prior to the time of scheduled departure. Customers checking in after this time may be denied boarding or may be allowed boarding with payment of change ticket fee of 500$00 CVE.

CARRY ON: Each passenger may carry on a maximum of one personal item up to 10 kilo with no dimensions larger than 45cm 33cm x 30cm (e.g. hand bag, brief case, day pack) into the passenger accommodation. Carry-on baggage in excess of the allowed number or size must be checked-in, or may be allowed with an extra fee of 200$00. Passengers are responsible for the security of their personal carry-on bags. CVFF holds no liability for loss, damage or theft of personal items or baggage.

CHECKED BAGAGE: Passengers are permitted to check-in two pieces of baggage up to 25 kilo each with dimensions no larger than 33cm x 55cm x 85cm; each kilo over the 25 kg allowance will be assessed a fee of 100$00 per kilo. Every piece of baggage in excess of 2 pieces or larger than 33cm x 55cm x 85cm will be assessed an additional cargo fee of 2.000$ CVE up to 25 kg of weight. CVFF will exercise due care in handing and storing passenger baggage but will not be held responsible in any way for damage, loss or theft of passenger’s baggage or its contents. CVFF reserves the right to deny transportation of any piece of baggage or any content that the company deems to be unfit or unsuitable for transportation. Any weapons must be turned in to the captain for duration of the voyage.

FARE POLICY: Passenger may be denied boarding and no refund will apply if the passenger can’t produce proper identification at the time of boarding that matches fare purchased. Tickets purchased online must match name on credit card.

A processing fee will be assessed to change a ticket that has already been issued, except if that change is to correct an error that was made in issuing the ticket such as the incorrect spelling of a passenger’s name. Changes and cancellations must be made prior to 72 hours of departure.

If the ferry is cancelled, delayed or re-routed due to conditions beyond the control of CVFF, such as weather or ocean conditions, and a passenger chooses alternate transportation to or from the port of departure or the port of destination, CVFF will not be responsible for additional expenses incurred such as transportation, food, board or any other expenses.

For cancellations due to weather or ocean conditions, CVFF will reschedule your trip free of charge. A passenger may exchange an unused ticket for a different trip provided the ticket is exchanged within 3 months of the date the ticket was originally purchased.